When to use der, das, die?

While learning a new language you may encounter some grammar difficulties. In German a confusing and difficult thing to do is to learn which words go with the articles ‘der’, ‘das’ and ‘die’. Luckily, there is a way of identifying the articles for some words (there are exceptions, but this are useful as general rules)!
If you can’t identify the article of a specific word you can check ‘Duden Dictionary’ https://www.duden.de/ for the article of the word you are interested in!

Can you name some examples of words that contain the articles ‘der’, ‘das ’, ‘die’?


Thanks for the tips! Learning which article to use is honestly one of the hardest things for me in German, so this is a great resource!! :star2:

This is a great help, anyways German is known for its irregularities for example: das Tier, der Tiger but it is die Ente :thinking::exploding_head::joy:


This general rules are a great trick to get started! Thanks for sharing this chart :dizzy:

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I’ve always struggled with German articles and even after years of practice I still need to check the dictionary for some of them. https://en.langenscheidt.com/ is my best ally :rofl:

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