Which Has Been the Show from LingoPie that You Liked the Most?

Kitty is not a Cat, Untamed By Nature, Immature, are some of the shows I have been watching on LingoPie. Is there one that has caught your attention more than another? The ones I enjoyed the most were: Neverfilms and Letters to My Ex. :film_projector:

I can see them over and over again and I don’t get bored of watching them. :heart_eyes:

Which is yours? Which one do you recommend? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I must say I LOVED the movie “The English Spaniard”, simply awesome!!! :heart_eyes:


The ones I really liked were “Olmos y Robles” and “Servir y Proteger”, both police and Spanish series :oncoming_police_car:

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The show that I liked the most are:

  • “Inmaduros” - Argentina
  • “Before losing” - Spain
  • “Cindy and Maite” - Mexico
    They are all very easy to follow and perfect for beginners. :grinning:

Oswaldo is my favorite!


I totally agree… and I also think Oswaldo is the best. I’ve watched every episode in Spanish… and now I’m actually watching Oswaldo in French!


Kitty no es un Gato and Boy Scauts.


Kitty no es un gato, Oswaldo and even boj. I love all of these, great for a short break from the longer shows.

A few of my favorite movies/shows are Promesas de Arena (Sand Promises) really exciting action/story., Olmos y Robles, La Memoria Del Agua (The Memory of Water). I really got invested in this story, great drama.

Mystery movies/shows that I liked are Guante Blanco, (White glove) El Caso: Crónica de sucesos (The Case: Chronicle of Events) and Los Misterios de Laura. (The mysteries of Laura.). ALL 3 of these I wanted to binge watch straight through.

Los Misterios de Laura, has a third season and I really hope lingopie adds it to their catalog (if possible).



All the options sound great! I wrote them down in a list and I’m going to watch them :popcorn:Thanks for your recommendations! :relaxed:


I loved Traicion, Olmos y Robles, Los Misterios de Laura, La Señora. I try to stick to the Spanish ones for now so I get used to that dialect. I find the Latin American shows harder to understand.


Ah I forgot about Guante Blanco and El Caso. Both of those are excellent as well, I agree!


The one show that got me to subscribe is Untamed Nature, I just love to learn about animals and this guy is so interesting plus he speaks clearly.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions :star_struck:

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El Continental, I am hooked.


Jamie’s got tentacles is so easy sometimes!

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I really enjoy Oswaldo! Very colorful and entertaining.
¡Realmente disfruto de Oswaldo! Muy colorido y entretenido. :ok_hand::heart:


Oswaldo is a must watch tv show at Lingopie :smiley:

Yes agreed. My favourite is untamed by nature - learning cool things at same time as learning Spanish and easy to understand


I watched the 1st episode of Oswaldo which was funny and I definitely plan to continue to watch that and I watched the season 1, episode 1 of Viktor Ros which was good except it took forever because I’m not advanced enough so I plan on finding much shorter shows

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Short films and short tv shows episodes are a great way to learn if you are a beginner!
Here are some links to interesting shows:

Immature: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie
Cindy&Maite: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie
In the clouds: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie
Beta: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

Good luck :slight_smile: