Who came up with those names?

Hey there,

I will throw out a few words and you can guess what they refere to.

Kalter Hund (cold dog), Bienenstich (bee sting), Tote Oma (dead grandma), Armer Ritter (poor knight), Bubenspitzle ( boys wiener), Nonnenfürzle (nun fart), Maultaschen (moaning bag).

Any ideas?
A hint- they are all delicous!

“Kalter Hund” is a cake made from chocolate and cookies.
“Bienenstich” is a cake with almond topping and creamy filling.
“Tote Oma” is a dish of bloodsausage often served with potatos and sauerkraut.
“Armer Ritter” is french toast.
“Bubenspitzle” is a type of thick noodle that is formed like…well, as the name refers to, a boys penis.
“Nonnenfürzle” is a cookie.
“Maultaschen” are a kind of meat stuffed pasta.

Can you think of any other dishes with weird names?


Hi! The ones I can think bout are:
“Falscher Hase” (Wrong Bunny/ Mock Hare) is a type of meatloaf
" Spaghettieis" which isn’t a funny or weird name but is actually a type of German dessert made out of vanilla ice cream that actually looks like a bowl of spaghetti.
" Muckefuck" can seem like a bad word in German, but is actually a coffee subsitute, and the name could mean something like “fake mocca”
There are a lot of wird and funny German food names :rofl: :rofl:


I can only think of “Kaiserschmmarr’n”, a sweet dish from Austria. It means nonsense of the Emperor. Actually, a sweet omelette was served to the Empress Elizabeth, but while serving it got torn in pieces. But the Empress ordered that they serve this “nonsense” anyway, and today it is an Austrian delicacy that is served with apple purée. :yum:


The next to last is hilarious. But not to far off the actual bad word, so caution with context is advised😂