Who knows what APERITIVO means and where did it start?

Nowadays the Aperitivo is a well known custom across Italy, loved by all Italians. A perfect excuse to take a break from the hectic daily life and to catch up with friends.
But what is behind this practice, and where was invented? Let’s find out together :slight_smile:

Aperitivo used to be a beverage, that could be non alcoholic or just slightly alcoholic to stimulate the appetite.
Born in Turin, more than 200 years ago, Antonio Campano invented a type of wine with spices called Vermouth. This drink was then revisited and reinvented by different people, to the point where different regions had their own signature appetite stimulating drink.
Nowadays, though, when talking about aperitivo people intend the “rite” of sitting down with friends and family to have a drink and some appetizers.

What does an aperitivo look like nowadays?


This is what a classic aperitivo table looks like. Some drinks, and food usually called “stuzzichini” (small food/apetizers).

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to get an aperitivo all together? I am sure there would be so many interesting stories to hear from all over the world! :slight_smile:


Man!!! I surely do miss sitting at a bar and grab and aperol!

I miss Crodino… It wasn’t really taste but it’s a specific taste and it was always present on Aperitivo moments :grimacing: