Who knows what “Boh” means in Italian?

“Boh” literally has no meaning, but it is used with the meaning of “I don’t know”. When you say it, you have to shrug your shoulders and make a face. It’s the laziest word we have, but it couldn’t be clearer.
“Boh” can also convey the meaning of: “I don’t really care that I don’t know” or that it’s not that important to me.

Ex" Boh, non lo so! - Boh, I don’t know! :thinking:

I’m wondering if in other languages you also have a word with the same meaning??

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Hi! Boh it’s a really hard one, that’s one of the most untranslatable words in Italian :sweat_smile:

But in Spanish we have for instance “ni idea”, which is kind of similar!!! :grin:

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Hi! :slight_smile:
Boh is pretty hard! In the Filipino language we have “ewan” which gets a little close!

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