Why is the Red Square called the Red Square?

The word “красный” today is an adjective referring to the color red. However, it wasn’t always so.

In Old Slavic (Old Russian), the color red was represented by the word “червлёный”, due to the fact that the paint of that color was obtained thanks to an insect called “червец”.

And if the word “красный” did not mean red, what other meaning could it have? In Old Russian, this word was used to mean something beautiful, pretty. Note that, today, the words “прекрасный” (wonderful) or “красивый” (beautiful) have the same root as “красный”.

It was for this reason that the Red Square, Moscow’s main square, was named this way: because it is beautiful.

The use of “красный” to refer to something beautiful was inherited by many modern languages that come from Old Russian, but not for Russian itself. Instead, this word came to represent the color red, acquiring different connotations during the Soviet Union.

And you, have you ever visited the Red Square in Moscow? I dream of getting to know it soon…


Wow, that’s an interesting fact.
I’m Russian, but honestly, I’ve never wondered why Red Square is Red Square. And I agree that it’s a beautiful place, and it’s different in winter and summer.
But I like St. Petersburg better :blush:


I have some relatives who live in Moscow, therefore I quite often go there. And Red Square is one of the places that I want to visit every time. It’s so beautiful :purple_heart:
And I want to share a pic of me there :slightly_smiling_face:

Also there’s a wonderful bridge near the Red Square which is called Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge. It has a spectacular view of the Moskva River, the Red Square, the Moscow Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour :heart_eyes:. Here it is: